Rolex Encyclopedia

Three books in slipcase, 672 pages. Rolex Encyclopedia is the most complete and updated guide to vintage and modern Rolex watches and includes all the Rolexes produced from 1905 to the present day: it is a must-have for any watch collector and dealer. 3 books in slipcase.

Ask yourself a question, any question…. What is the origin of the name Rolex? Where does the nickname "Bubble Back" come from? How many pieces of the Rolex Split-Seconds model have been produced? When was the Submariner model created to commemorate the Panama Canal?

How many brands are there for the Submariner and Sea-Dweller models? How many Daytona watch models were produced? How many hours does it take to produce a Cerachrom bezel? In this you will find all the answers. In addition, these books also contain the estimates of each Rolex, based on their conditions, and the updated price of all watches in production.


Language: English/Italian

Condition: New in the packaging

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