At LifeTime Watches it is possible to have your watch repaired and serviced by the best professionals in the market

Refurbish / Polish

LifeTime Watches guarantees the restoration of your watch in absolute new condition! We offer the very best and fastest result in the market. We evaluate the watch based on photos and an inspection upon arrival. Depending on the current condition of the watch, we apply various advanced techniques to restore the watch to new condition. This includes careful manual polishing, machine polishing, precise laser welding, high-quality blasting and, if necessary, expert >shaping of the watch case by means of lapidation. From €350.

      • Ready in approximately2 weeks.
      • Absolute mint condition.

Service / Revision

As a professional and passionate dealer, we offer an extensive service. Every watch we service undergoes a thorough overhaul. This includes a complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, a careful check for wear, replacing gaskets and oiling parts. From €550.

      • Ready in approximately4 weeks.
      • Including 24 month warranty.

Please note that the starting price is based on a watch that can be normally serviced without major replacements or damage. If this is the case, a price quote will be provided in advance.

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Authenticity check and valuation report

Confidence in every detail. At LifeTime Watches we understand that an exclusive watch is not just a jewelry but has an emotional meaning that you must be able to trust strong>. That's why LifeTime Watches offers authenticity checks so you can enjoy your beautiful timepiece with complete peace of mind. €250.

Our expert watchmakers are committed to ensuring the authenticity of your watch. Using advanced technologies and thorough inspections, we ensure that every watch that passes our hands is rigorously tested against the highest standards of authenticity

After the inspection you will not only receive a detailed authenticity report, but also an official certificate of authenticity, which further strengthens the confidence in your watch. You will also receive a valuation determination of the current value of the timepiece.