All Rolex Watches Undergo a series of Strict testing Before leaving the factory to ensure reliability and precision. In the unlikely event there is something below the standard, Rolex has 5 years international warranty .

LifeTime Watches Offers standard 24 months warranty Op Vintage And Pre-Owned Watches. The lifelong Authenticity certificate Of LifeTime Watches highlights the full Rolex Authenticity And associated service. With the LifeTime Watches Authenticity certificate You can Enjoy carefree Of your Rolex.

LifeTime Watches In addition offers a Unparalleled peace of mind With an extended Warranty period Of 36 months On our exclusive Pre-Owned And Vintage Watches. Not only do you get the 24 standard Months warranty, but we also add 36 extra Months In front of you. For only € 350 We'll make sure you Carefree Can enjoy the High quality Of our watches. Discover us Trust In Every detail .

Vintage Watches are older watches and are Not file Against water. This allows them Damaged When they come into contact with water. That's why it's Not possible To wear vintage watches during activities such as Shower of swimming . Take it Risk Not and stay away from water. Like a vintage watch Still To water becomes Exposed , The guarantee can Not used worden.


The lifelong LifeTime Watches Authenticity Certificate


Bee LifeTime Watches We understand that you want to be sure of your purchase. Every Rolex comes with life-long LifeTime Watches Authenticity Certificate . This means that the Rolex watch is Checked By one of our experts. About This Authenticity (authenticity) Of the watch , The condition , Accessories In History.

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