Maximum value for your watch! Receive a response within 24 hours. With LifeTime Watches, you have a choice of two sales methods.

Option 1: Direct sale - Sell your watch directly to LifeTime Watches and receive a fair price immediately via bank transfer.

Option 2: Consignment Sale - Let LifeTime Watches sell your watch with a "no cure, no pay" approach. This means we only charge a commission once the watch is sold. A win-win situation where you benefit from a higher sales price.

Explore our reviews and trust the words of our satisfied customers and experience for yourself the outstanding service we provide. At LifeTime Watches, we go beyond promises!


1. Complete the online form below

Our expert appraisals depend on the information and photos we receive. The more images you share, the more accurate our estimate becomes and possibly a higher sale price. Therefore, we kindly ask you to provide essential details and images so that we can offer the desired sale price your watch truly deserves!

2. Appraisal from our experts within 24 hours

An expert from our team will determine the value of the watch within 24 hours based on the information and images we have received. 

3. Personal appointment

LifeTime Watches will contact you to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, the watch will be safely received in our luxurious reception area. Furthermore, a purchase statement will be prepared and signed.  

4. Direct and secure payment

Once we receive the watch, it will be thoroughly evaluated and approved. After approval, payment will be made immediately via bank transfer.



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