At LifeTime Watches, we understand better than anyone that the search for that one Rolex can be challenging. We believe that your purchase should be flawless and any risk should be avoided. That's why we subject every Rolex to thorough inspections. We look at the condition, history, authenticity and accessories. If necessary, the watch even undergoes a complete revision by one of our watchmakers.

At LifeTime Watches, we offer a standard warranty of 24 months, which can be extended with an additional warranty of 36 months (total of 60 months). And if the watch has a factory warranty, such as a new Rolex, you will receive the international 5-year warranty

Our LifeTime Watches certificate of authenticity confirms 100% the authenticity of your Rolex. It provides detailed information about the condition and what accessories come with it.

Watches are personally delivered from our luxury reception area, located in the most beautiful building in the Netherlands. And of course, if you wish, we can also ship the watch to you safely and insured.

Are you challenged in your search or do you have specific needs? Contact us and we will get to work for you with enthusiasm and passion. We are confident that we will find exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is let us know. You can do this in several ways: via WhatsApp, by phone, our Contact Form  form or by email to