Bee LifeTime Watches Is it possible to fix your watch and let it Servicing By the Best professionals in the Market.


LifeTime Watches State Guarantor For the repair Of your watch in absolute New state! We offer it Very best in Fastest result On the market. We Evaluate The watch based on Pictures and a Inspection Upon intry. Depinding on the currint State Of the watch we fit various Advanced Techniques Allow to put the watch back in New state To recover. Think of the diligint Manual polishing, machine polishing, precise laser welding, high-quality blasting and ontionally Expert Shaping the Watch case By means of lapids. From € 380.

  • In 2 weeks Ready. 
  • Absolute New state.

Service/Overhaul watch

if professional Dealer we offer a Comprehinsive Service to. Every watch that we Servicing, Undergoes a thorough Overhaul. This includes a full Disassembly, An Ultrasonic cleaning, A careful Control on Wear, Replacing Gaskets And the Oils Of parts. If necessary, specific ones are also Parts replacemint. From € 495.

  • In 2 weeks Ready.
  • Including 24 months warranty.

Please note that the from price is Based On a watch what Normally serviced Can be without big Replacements of Shades. If it does, a Price quote Done.

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